King David High School

King David High School is a co-educational voluntary-aided secondary school in Liverpool. It is situated on a large Jewish campus along with King David Primary School, Harold House Youth and Community Centre and Childwall Synagogue. There are approximately 630 children on the school roll.


The school is a member of the collaborative Sixth Form with Childwall Sports College and Broadgreen Technology College which provides sixth-form education for 180 King David students.


In years 7-9, pupils follow a common curriculum in: Jewish Studies and Ivrit (non-Jewish pupils follow comparative courses in Religious Education, German, and Social Studies), English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science (taught as individual disciplines in Y8 & 9), French as a modern foreign language, Physical Education, Music, Art, Technology, Information Technology, and Personal & Social Education including Citizenship.


At the start of Key Stage 4, different options are available but all pupils follow compulsory GCSE courses in the core curriculum subjects as well as Jewish Studies or Religious Studies, (Physical Education and a PSE Programme are also compulsory).


In Years 12 and 13, King David High School, in collaboration with Childwall Sports College and Broadgreen Technology College, offers a wide range of subjects through from Foundation to Advanced Level.



Hasmonean High School for Boys

Hasmonean High School for Boys is a centre of educational excellence serving the Orthodox Jewish Community of North-West London. The school is part of the Hasmonean Multi-Academy Trust and, in accordance with the ethos of the Trust, boys and girls aged 11-18 are taught separately on two campuses. It is regularly ranked as one of the top non-selective state schools in the country by The Times and The Sunday Times, and was rated “Outstanding” in all categories in its last Ofsted and Pikuach inspections. The school has 75 places on offer for Year 7.


All students, staff and parents are aware of Hasmonean’s purpose: to nurture students to become committed to, and ready to live, a life of Torah im Derech Eretz (to be successful in the wider world without compromising the attitudes and values enshrined in the Torah). This ethos has been at the heart of the school since its inception, when it arose out of the ashes of the Holocaust to provide those who fled from it with a future; it is this ethos which enables our students to become successful, responsible contributors and leaders in modern day Britain.


Hasmonean’s values go above and beyond academic achievement. We expect teachers to deliver a first-rate religious education, outstanding secular studies and a broad and enriched curriculum which promotes values such as chesed (caring/ kindness) and tzedokah (supporting charities). The vast majority of our graduates go on to study in world-class yeshivas before pursuing university education and a wide variety of careers.  All of our students are well-prepared for their future lives.


Students are taught to love and cherish their religion and culture, to explore its rich depths and to be enriched by them; and that living an ethical life is a privilege rather than a burden. They are also taught to respect people of other faiths (or no faith), those who come from different cultures and those who choose to lead different lifestyles.


We ensure that students are supported, regardless of their economic background or academic ability, to make excellent progress and to enjoy their spiritual, personal and academic journey. We aim to maximise each student’s potential within a caring, disciplined and ordered environment; in return, all students are obliged to respect and support the school’s values, to act as role models to other students, to try their best and to act with a kind heart.


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Kantor King Solomon High School

Kantor King Solomon (KKS) is a voluntary-aided school on the East London/Essex border. It was established in 1993, and today caters for around 1000 pupils, including a thriving Sixth Form. The school has 180 places on offer for Year 7.


KKS is co-educational with boys and girls taught in the same classes. It is an unashamedly Orthodox school, committed to the Jewish values of learning, community and charity. The school welcomes students of all faiths and of none and is a beacon of multiculturalism, reflecting the dynamic make-up of the local area.


The full range of national curriculum subjects are covered in addition to providing a range of Jewish educational programmes, with all students taking Jewish Studies and learning Ivrit as a modern foreign language. The school proudly boasts an outstanding Haderech programme and a full and varied Informal Jewish Education programme.


Ofsted judged the school to be Good in May 2016, noting that the school places “….pupils’ welfare before anything else.” They noted that pupils respect one another and collaborate well in lessons, that the atmosphere in the school is calm and orderly, and that teachers “…engage and inspire pupils.”



Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School

Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School is a strictly orthodox, small secondary school for girls only based in Stamford Hill, Hackney. The school became voluntary-aided in December 2011 and there are approximately 130 students on roll. It serves the Orthodox Jewish community and caters specifically, but not exclusively, for families who follow Chabad Lubavitch customs and traditions. The students are mostly from London and the surrounding areas including Luton, Brighton, Bournemouth, Wimbledon and Ealing.


The school aims to inspire its students to become true and responsible representatives of Torah Judaism and Chabad Chassidism. It strives for high standards of work and behaviour both in Kodesh (Jewish Studies) and in its Chol (secular curriculum).The school encourages pupils to further their education in Seminary.

Manchester Mesivta

As one of the oldest Jewish schools in Manchester, Manchester Mesivta is well known throughout the UK. Its vision, as set out by the founders back in 1948, was to create an institution that would provide its students with a first class broad and balanced curriculum offering both Kodesh and secular subjects in a caring environment.


Upon leaving school, boys are able to enter the best Yeshivos and are equipped either to continue in the כותלי בית המדרש becoming כלי קודש, or to further their secular education, attending leading universities allowing them to enter either the professions or the world of business.


With the help of all involved in the school since its inception, this vision has been fulfilled, as can be witnessed by the alumni themselves. We can proudly say that many of our students have gone on in their lives to become Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshivos, Maggidei Shiurim and lay leaders. A similar number have become distinguished בעלי בתים and have earned respect in their communities worldwide.

Menorah High School for Girls

Menorah High School for Girls is an independent secondary school for Orthodox Jewish girls located in Dollis Hill, London. The school opened in September 2001, progressively building up from Year 7, and there are now approximately 195 girls on its roll.


The school aims to instill in its students a firm foundation that will prepare them for a life of committed Torah observance. Using both Chol (secular) and Kodesh (Jewish studies) curricula, the school sets out to provide a broad and balanced education to enable its students to become confident, law-abiding citizens, with strong moral and spiritual values.

Menorah Grammar School for Boys

Menorah Grammar School is a strictly orthodox, independent secondary school for boys only based in Edgware. There are approximately 260 students on role.


Menorah Grammar School was established in 1978 with the aim of providing a high quality education within a caring and secure Torah environment. Its purpose is to provide education for boys from the strictly observant Jewish community of North West London and to successfully blend religious and secular education.


The school provides a designated special educational needs department, the Darchei Noam Centre, which is linked closely to the mainstream educational provision of the school.


All students go on to study in Yeshivah (Talmudical College) having taken GCSEs and A levels.


The school was recently graded by Ofsted as a “Good” school

Pardes House Grammar for Boys

Pardes House Grammar School is an independent secondary school for Orthodox Jewish boys, with provision for both religious and secular studies. The school is situated in Finchley, London and has approximately 233 students on roll. Pardes House Grammar was opened in 1972 and in 2001, the school moved to its present site, which is a grade 1 listed building.


The school states its aim as: ‘besides stressing academic achievements in both general and religious studies’ to put ‘great emphasis on the social, moral and spiritual well-being of the students, whilst affording them the skills to interact with the wider community and show respect for, and value the outlook of others’.


On leaving school, all the students continue their education in Yeshivos (Talmudical Colleges) in the United Kingdom.